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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Nothing warms a heart like a cold nose! When Charlie, a roguish German Shepherd dog encounters Anne Marie, a little orphan who can talk to animals, they embark on an adventure packed with thrills, laughter and true love.


In this delightful musical adventure, live action and animation is combined in a fast-paced tale of friendship, courage and rock and roll. A small boy’s favourite storybook comes to life as friends seek to rescue the only rooster whose morning crow can bring up the dawn and raise the sun.

A Room with a View

Set in Florence and the English countryside at the turn of the 20th century, this Academy Award-winning romantic comedy tells the story of a young English couple who encounter passion in Italy and on their return to England defy convention and their elders to be true to their feelings for each other.

Winner of three Academy Awards, five BAFTAs and a Golden Globe)