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The Girl

The Girl tells the story of a young single mother in Texas who is at the brink of collapse. Struggling financially and having lost custody of her son, she makes an ill-conceived attempt to help smuggle a group of Mexican migrant workers across the border. A fatal move and an emotional connection to a young girl thrusts her on a life-changing journey. Featuring Abbie Cornish in a daring and transformative performance.

Brooklyn Bridge

Inspired by true events, Daniel Radcliffe will play the brilliant but inexperienced engineer Washington Roebling, who is left to oversee the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge when his father (Kingsley) passes away. Besieged by calamity, danger and doubt, Washington’s obsession threatens not only to drive his family apart but his health as well, until he discovers he has an improbable ally… his charming and shrewd wife Emily (Larson).

On The Ice

When three teenage boys leave their isolated Alaskan town seal hunting, an argument escalates into a tragic accident. Bonded by their dark secret, survival forces two best friends into one lie after another.

Private Peaceful

Based on the bestselling novel by the writer of War Horse. Two brothers’ unbreakable bond is tested on the fields of Flanders, far removed from their rural childhood and rivalry for the love of Molly.

The Killing Fields

Sydney Schanberg is sent to Cambodia in 1972 as the New York Times’ correspondent, to cover the growing war between the country’s revolutionary Khmer Rouge and the government. His Cambodian assistant is the kind and knowledgeable Dith Pran. To the correspondent, Pran is indispensable: as an interpreter, reporter and friend. But, when the victorious Khmer Rouge troops take the capital of Phnom Pehn, their lives change forever.


Based on the award-winning novel, L’Homme de Chevet, and set against the colonial backdrop of Colombia, Cartagena portrays the passionate love story between a former boxing champion and the paralysed woman for whom he cares. When all seems lost, the two lovers finally learn to let go and are reborn through a passion that sets them free.

Dream One

Seven-year-old Nemo falls asleep in a Manhattan skyscraper and wakes in another dimension. Surrounded by characters from his storybooks, in a land where the snow is blue and the sand bursts into flames, Nemo miraculously becomes a young man and falls in love with a beautiful princess.


An erotic psychological thriller set in the wilds of the Irish coastline. A French sculptress rescues a man who has washed ashore. He slowly revives, but is unable to remember his name or the events that brought him to shore. She concocts a web of lies and convinces him he has no choice but to remain with her. As the two become lovers, he begins to doubt the truth of her story and her attempts to keep him escalate into further deception and finally bloodshed.

Elvis & Anabelle

Anabelle is a small town beauty queen being groomed for success by her overly ambitious mother. Elvis is working without a license at his father’s mortuary, bound by family duty from following his dreams. Their worlds collide when Anabelle tragically ends up on Elvis‘ embalming table and love blossoms in the strangest way.

Newport Beach Film Festival:
Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking
Joe Mantegna, Outstanding Performance in Acting
Blake Lively, Breakout Performance

The Far Pavillions

Based on M.M. Kay’s enormously successful novel, The Far Pavilions is a lavish series set in the India of the British Raj. A young English officer, raised as a Hindu, is shunned both by his fellow officers and the Indians amongst whom he spent his childhood. His unhappiness deepens when a childhood sweetheart, Anjuli is forced into an arranged marriage. As the British are driven back by the mutinous Afghan rebels, Ash fears he may never live to see Anjuli again.

Forever Young

A film about broken dreams, remembered betrayal and the loss of innocence. Childhood friends, a priest and a teacher meet by chance 20 years later. The friends are delighted to see each other but when Jimmy recalls how Michael stole his girlfriend, old rivalries begin to surface and old wounds reopen.

The Frog Prince

Paris 1960, Jenny, a young English girl, arrives to study French. Initially overwhelmed by the new surroundings, she and her girlfriends become swept away by the air of glamour and decadence of the city. Although her friends are ready to take Paris by storm, Jenny feels that she is looking for something different and so decides to embark on a passionate love affair.

I Am You

Based on a true story: fifteen-year old ballerina Rachel is everything self-loathing Caroline is not. Caroline is determined to become someone new, even if that means murder.

Ruth Bradley – Best Acting Performance, Milan International Film Festival

In A Day

In this impulsive, dialogue driven character piece, young struggling female musician Ashley Brandstead has an unpleasant encounter with a stranger one particular morning. This disturbing incident jump-starts what turns out to be a very curious, humorous and random day with another stranger, twenty-something - seemingly genuine - but odd Michael. By his subtle and not so subtle persuasions and throughout their experiences and peculiar conversations, Ashley begins to suspect that Michael’s actions might have an ulterior motive, one that makes a difference in their relationship once that mystery is revealed.

Best Screenplay, Method Fest
Grand Prize and Best Feature, Rhode Island International Film Festival
Audience Award, Santa Cruz Film Festival

Knights & Emeralds

Growing up in a small town with a racist father, all Kevin wanted to do was play the drums. One Summer, his world is turned upside-down when he meets a samba band from across town and he falls in love with its leader - the beautiful Melissa. Depite their different backgrounds, love and music can bring them together.