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The Name of the Rose

Brother William of Baskerville and his young novice visit a Benedictine monastery for a conference of embattled clerics. However, Brother William becomes embroiled with more immediate problems - those of murder and intrigue, as deaths continue in mysterious circumstances that eerily seem to echo the prophecy of the Apocalypse.

Untitled Roald Dahl & Patricia Neal

A bittersweet, comedic story focusing on Dahl’s marriage to actress Patricia Neal, the story moves between New York, England and Los Angeles in the early 1960s, a time when Dahl struggled to write some of his most famous works and Neal returned to acting with “Hud,” for which she won the best actress Oscar.

The Plague Dogs

An animated adaptation of Richard Adams’ novel about a pair of dogs, Snitter and Rowf, who escape from a research laboratory and try to survive in the wild with the help of a cunning fox, The Tod. The lab director tries to keep their escape quiet, but as an increasing number of sheep are found killed, word leaks out, together with rumours that the dogs might be plague carriers.


In this delightful musical adventure, live action and animation is combined in a fast-paced tale of friendship, courage and rock and roll. A small boy’s favourite storybook comes to life as friends seek to rescue the only rooster whose morning crow can bring up the dawn and raise the sun.

Eddie The Eagle

The true story of one of Britain's greatest ever underdogs. British athlete Michael "Eddie" Edwards travels to Germany to test his skills at ski jumping. Fate leads him to Bronson Peary, a former ski jumper who now works as a snowplow driver. Impressed by Edwards' spirit and determination, Peary agrees to train him. Despite an entire nation counting him out, Eddie's never-say-die attitude takes him all the way to a historic and improbable showing at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta.- Stills and imagery courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.


It was the struggle that won a nation its freedom. Against the backdrop of the American War of Independence an ordinary man turned reluctant soldier goes to war in search of his son.

Red Monarch

In a Russia where fear has become the everyday currency, Stalin and Beria are the double acts to end them all. With the Kremlin as their stage and the Politburo as their stooges, Stalin signs death warrants while Beria chases women. United by their Georgian heritage and moral depravity, they trust each other only as much as they have to. A humorous look at Stalin, dictator and family man.

Suite Francais

During the early years of German occupation of France, romance blooms between Lucile Angellier, a French villager and Bruno von Falk, a German soldier.

A Room with a View

Set in Florence and the English countryside at the turn of the 20th century, this Academy Award-winning romantic comedy tells the story of a young English couple who encounter passion in Italy and on their return to England defy convention and their elders to be true to their feelings for each other.

Winner of three Academy Awards, five BAFTAs and a Golden Globe)

The Program

"The Program" tells the true story of sporting legend Lance Armstrong and his eventual fall from grace amidst one of the biggest doping scandals every to hit the world of sport.

Mike Horn: Pole to Pole 360

For twenty-five years, Mike Horn has sought to inspire and educate, pushing the expectations and limits of human ability through an unmatched résumé of unbelievable feats. Pole to Pole 360° will see Mike attempt to be the first person in history to circumnavigate the globe in a continuous manner, from north to south in less than one year.

Travelling under his own power, he will makesolo journeys to both South and North Poles, crossing Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean on foot and on skis. Mike will teach the world about human performance and endurance, talk about climate and the changes ahead, and explain why the future of our wildlife is in danger. In between, he will travel via his sailing vessel, Pangaea, crossing the Pacific and Atlantic.

To the normal man this is a preposterous undertaking. To Mike, it is another adventure, an opportunity to share the untouched, unseen and extremely dangerous places of the world.

The Return of the Soldier

It is 1916. The First World War, a waking nightmare of gore and mud, is being waged in France. At home, in the calm of the English countryside, the horror of the trenches is just beginning to seep into the dreams of those who wait. As one man fights to regain his memory, three women come to terms with the shell-shocked veteran who returns from the war.

BAFTA Nominee

P'Tang Yang Kipperbang

Summer 1948. Fourteen-year-old Alan has three wishes whirling in his head: the post-war world will live in peace; England’s cricketers will win the Ashes, and this summer he’ll finally kiss his classmate Ann, the girl of his secret dreams.

Suite Francais

During the early years of German occupation of France, romance blooms between Lucile Angellier, a French villager and Bruno von Falk, a German soldier.


Set in the lush Bayou country of Louisiana, this is the amusing and touching story of three women, each one experiencing the age old struggles between love and lust, innocence and experience. In a small town nothing is quite what it seems.